Welcome Christy!

Welcome Christy!

August 2021: Welcome Christy as Youth Director (in addition to Children’s Director)!

I have exciting news!! We have hired a youth director!! Even more exciting… you’ve already met her! The youth director search committee enthusiastically recommended, and the session unanimously approved to expand Christy’s role from children’s ministry to Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry.

We hired Christy in April for our children’s ministry (birth-5th grade). When we had not found a youth director by summer we asked her to lead several events for 4th-8th grade. At these events we saw the youth (and their parents) ‘click’ with Christy.

We hired Christy for children’s ministry because of her mature faith, depth of experience with play-based education, and community engagement. The past four months of ministry have only underscored that she was the right choice. We believe those same gifts are a God-directed fit for our youth as well.

So beginning August 16 Christy will increase from 15 to 25 hrs/week and lead our ministry to children AND youth (birth-high school). She is gearing up for youth group, Sunday school, and other youth ministries which start in September. Please welcome her again and let her know how excited we are that God has led her to Good Shepherd!

Finally, a request: We are investing in our children and youth (and church) through this position, so we continue to ask for and appreciate your financial and (lots of) volunteer support to help these ministries thrive. Christy cannot do this ministry alone, so please reach out to her and/or say ‘yes’ when asked to chaperone, provide food, or otherwise help out!

In Christ, Robert

April 2021

Welcome Christy McChesney as our new (PT) Director of Children’s Ministry!

I first met Christy when she visited Good Shepherd for worship in early March. She was considering applying, but wanted to get a feel for the church first (which I thought was great!). In our interviews with her, we found Christy to be bright and confident, engaging with us and our questions thoughtfully.

In addition to a strong, mature, and personal faith,two areas of significant expertise and experience stood out to us in reading her resume and interviewing her: community engagement and play-based education.

We believe that her experience and training in these areas will not only enhance her ministry to children and families, but are squarely on-target with where we have said we want to grow as a church. We heard loud and clear in surveys and meetings with parents of youth and children that they want a faith-based program, but also one that is FUN… that’s the draw for their own kids and their kids’ friends. Not only do we think that Christy is well-qualified for this role, we think that she can teach and lead us in engaging our surrounding community in ways that we have prioritized.

As outstanding as we think Christy is, in order for our ministry to children and families to thrive, we will need ample volunteer support from church members of every age. One person cannot minister alone to children (in fact, we require two adults to be present at all times!!). So, I invite and challenge you, Good Shepherd family, to offer your time and talents generously. If we ask for volunteers, please say ‘yes’! And don’t wait to be asked… let us know if you can help with crafts or being present for a children’s ministry event… let’s give Christy a long list of folks ready to step up and help. If we can do that, I am confident that our ministry to children and families will grow and thrive and God will bless our efforts!

And look out for an opportunity to introduce yourself to Christy and personally welcome her to the Good Shepherd community. Her job is part-time (15hrs/wk). She will be present and engaged on Sundays and three other mornings a week (tbd). You can reach her by e-mail (christy@gspc.net).

In Christ, Robert

A word from Christy…

Hi Good Shepherd – I’m so glad to be here! I grew up in Matthews, NC. After graduating from NC State with a Biology degree in 2015, I started a summer job as a science instructor to four and five-year-old campers. Starting there, God developed my passion for working with children and their families. 

Over the next three years, I found so much joy while working as a Coach on elementary school playgrounds. I got to play every day, but what was even better was that I was able to watch as kids stopped hesitating to play with those they didn’t know yet, as they learned to lose (and win) with dignity, and as they grew confident in themselves and their peers. During that time, I became active in the children’s ministry at my church and felt increasingly called to serve children and families. When I moved to pursue my Master’s in Community Engagement, I chose a fellowship at an Early Learning Center, where I worked to engage parents and families.

After having spent time volunteering in children’s ministry and then stepping into a role working with families in yet another secular setting, my desire to work in children’s ministry solidified.  I was encouraged by the welcome I received when I first visited Good Shepherd and have been encouraged by the outlook of each of the members I’ve met since. I am excited to be a part of what God has in store for the children’s ministry here at GSPC and I look forward to getting to know each of you!