Who We are Becoming (Giving in 2022)

Who We are Becoming (Giving in 2022)

Stewardship Info (Fall 2021)

What is “stewardship” and why pledge to give to the church? (LINK)
Pledging is how the church is funded, but it’s much more than that, it comes from the biblical teaching on worshiping God. Check out the link for a short article called “Stewardship as Worship” from Pastor Robert.

How are funds used by Good Shepherd?
Our annual budget is approximately $263,000. More detail is available through the church office, but this graphic breaks it down into three major categories, which includes the staff support for each area.

2021 Narrative Budget Graphic

Commitment Letter/Pledge Form (LINK) from Mark Katibah and Diana Horne, elder co-chairs of the STEWARD Team; commitment forms are requested back to the church on or before Dedication Sunday, November 21.

To Give please see the giving information (by mail or online) just beneath this post in the left-hand column, or look under LINKS at the top of this and any page on the website and click the “online giving” link. Or simply click HERE to be taken to our secure giving page.