Son of Man

Son of Man

Son of Man

That was one of the names you gave yourself.
It was a name with roots in another time.
Perhaps it resonated with your people Israel,
In ways we didn’t fully grasp.

As the Son of God, you came to save us from ourselves.
As the Son of Man, you came to show us what it means
to be human in the fullest sense of The Garden in those
precious days before the fall.

You suffered anguish and disappointment and the frustration
of misunderstanding and even betrayal from those closest to you.
Yet, you never swayed from your chosen rendezvous with the
restoration of your creation.

Son of Man, shine your majestic light in the darkest recesses
of our hearts, where we dare to think our twisted thoughts
could be hidden from your omniscient presence.
Cleanse us as only you can and make us your people anew.

Clay Cupples
Palm Sunday, 2020

Clay Cupples is a deacon at Good Shepherd and shared this poem and reflection after Palm Sunday worship.


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