Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Classes

SUNDAY MORNING CLASSES meet from 8:30-9:30am
WORSHIP at 10:00AM
LIVESTREAM at 10:00AM or archived after Sunday pm on Youtube

All of our Sunday School classes exist to prepare adults, youth, and children for living for Christ in the real world. We use a variety of learning methods and teaching styles, so there is a fit for every type of learner, and each class or study includes a practical, relevant application to real life – where you are. We believe the purpose of Christian education is not just to fill our minds, but to change our hearts and lives. Look through the options below to find your fit or contact us for help to find what’s just right for you.

(starting Feb 5)

Facilitator: Quay Youngblood,
Location: Church Library – near sanctuary, lots of books!

This class will use scripture to study and understand the prophecies of the 11th minor prophet, Zechariah. The book of Zechariah contains the clearest and the largest number of passages about the 1st and 2nd coming of the Messiah. Zechariah was also instrumental in organizing and inspiring the Jews to finish the rebuilding of the temple.

HEAVEN (Randy Alcorn, David Jeremiah)
Facilitator: Jim Hinton
Location: Katibah Room – enter building, right down preschool hallway

This study based on books by Randy Acorn and David Jeremiah were written to help us understand more about our Eternal Home. Through the study of scripture, answers to questions will be found such as what does Heaven look like, what will we do all day and will there be angels?