Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Classes

SUNDAY MORNING CLASSES meet from 9:30-10:30am (nursery provided)
WORSHIP at 11:00AM (info)

All of our Sunday School classes exist to prepare adults, youth, and children for living for Christ in the real world. We use a variety of learning methods and teaching styles, so there is a fit for every type of learner, and each class or study includes a practical, relevant application to real life – where you are. We believe the purpose of Christian education is not just to fill our minds, but to change our hearts and lives. Look through the options below to find your fit or contact us for help to find what’s just right for you.

Infants and Preschoolers are lovingly cared for in our nursery by professional staff and volunteers during Sunday School and worship.

K-5th Graders
Location: “Sonlight” Room (hallway right of sanctuary)
Leaders: monthly rotation 

This curriculum incorporates Bible stories and lessons that are specially designed for mixed-age classes of children ages 4 through 12. Activity-based lessons along with interactive Bible stories will have kids of all ages working together as they learn and grow closer to Jesus.

6th-12th Grade Youth
Location: Youth Building (separate building next to playground)
Leader: Zach Drummond 

This class will be having real conversations about real issues that teenagers are dealing with. The hope is to give them a safe place to open up and share, as well as providing a group to offer encouragement, advice, and prayer. Will will also study scripture to learn the wisdom God has to share about those issues.

Adult Class: “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren 
Location: Church Library (enter glass doors, then to the left)
Leaders: Mark Katibah and Leslie Pack 

Discussion-based class. This best-selling devotional offers readers a 40-day personal spiritual journey and presents what the author calls God’s five purposes for human life on Earth. Included are roughly 350 Bible references in various translations. The book begins, “It’s not about you,” and goes on to explain how personal fulfillment, satisfaction, and meaning only comes by understanding and doing what God placed us on Earth to do.

Adult Class: “Questions We Have”
Location: Expansion Area (extra room beside sanctuary)
Leader: Jim Hinton  In this class we will explore and discover how the Bible addresses questions in the areas spiritual warfare, adversity, prophecy and Heaven. We will be using the Bible, teaching aids from David Jeremiah, and various commentaries.