Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Classes

SUNDAY MORNING CLASSES meet** from 9:30-10:30am (nursery provided)
**CURRENTLY BY ZOOM** (contact church for link)
WORSHIP at 11:00AM (info)

All of our Sunday School classes exist to prepare adults, youth, and children for living for Christ in the real world. We use a variety of learning methods and teaching styles, so there is a fit for every type of learner, and each class or study includes a practical, relevant application to real life – where you are. We believe the purpose of Christian education is not just to fill our minds, but to change our hearts and lives. Look through the options below to find your fit or contact us for help to find what’s just right for you.

Infants and Preschoolers are lovingly cared for in our nursery by professional staff and volunteers during Sunday School and worship. [CURRENTLY SUSPENDED FOR COVID19]

Location: “Sonlight” Room (hallway right of sanctuary)
Leaders: monthly rotation 

This curriculum incorporates Bible stories and lessons that are specially designed for mixed-age classes of children ages 4 through 12. Activity-based lessons along with interactive Bible stories will have kids of all ages working together as they learn and grow closer to Jesus.

Location: Youth Building (separate building next to playground)
Leader: rotation

This class will be having real conversations about real issues that teenagers are dealing with. The hope is to give them a safe place to open up and share, as well as providing a group to offer encouragement, advice, and prayer. Will will also study scripture to learn the wisdom God has to share about those issues.

Adult Class: “The Bible in 14 Sentences”
Location: ZOOM
Facilitator: Jim Hinton

Beginning June 7 we’ll be tracking Pastor Robert’s sermon series.  This series is 14 weeks and covers some major themes from the Bible, 7 from the Old Testament and 7 from the New Testament.  The series begins with Creation (“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”) and ends with Completion (“I saw a new heaven and a new earth”).  I’m excited about this tour through God’s word.  You are welcome to join us.

Adult Class: “Facing Racism: A Vison of Intercultural Community”
Location: ZOOM
Facilitators: Emily Pearce, Cindy Dolinger

Racism continues to be a huge cultural issue in America.  From driving acts of violence, general discord, levels of poverty, discrimination in workplace, and now susceptibility to viruses.  We’d like to study and respond to this issue in the context of our faith and invite anyone interested to join us! The PCUSA has some guidance about how the Church should face racism, and has issued a guide for studying the issue.  In our Sunday School class we will learn what the Bible says about racism, how we as Christians should respond, and how we as a Church and American citizens need to modify our behaviors to help with the issues.  The guide is online for download or reference, and the class will be largely discussion and Bible study oriented, with an emphasis on supporting one another.