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Outreach 2019: Yard Sale, BBQ, Movie Night, Jazz Concert

Sunday Schedule Feedback Analysis

Background On two consecutive Sundays, August 21st and 28th, the Session invited worship attendees (members and friends) to express their preferences for what time Sunday School and Worship should start.  This came after a 4-month period during which Sunday School was held at 8:30 and Worship at 10:00 to experiment as to whether an earlier start time would be more…

Thoughts and Prayers

THOUGHTS are powerful things. Indeed, Jesus taught that our thoughts come out of our hearts, revealing who we really are. The Christian scriptures speak of “taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.” And those same scriptures are described as a two-edged sword, “able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Believers are…

Devos with Clare Intro

Clare, our 2020 summer college intern, introduces a weekly devotion that she will be sharing weekly this summer. The devotions are great for personal quiet time or reflection. Here’s a link to the first one, “When God Feels Distant.”
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