In Other Words

In Other Words

What Faith Looks Like at Good Shepherd…

Good Shepherd is…
home • family • community • refuge • mission

Over the years a number of phrases have ‘stuck’ to describe our community faith:

Ordinary People; Extraordinary God

“Searchlight” Church
“Lighthouse” Church

A “Good Neighbor” Church

Obedient to Scripture, following Jesus

And this question that keeps shaping us:

What is God doing in and around us and how can we be a part?

We’ve always been known for being a FRIENDLY and WELCOMING church that cares deeply for one another in joy and in struggle.

From nursery to children to youth to young adults to older adults… from arts to music to Bible study to food to recreation… from worship to prayer to mission to service… what we’ve experienced time and time again in big and small ways is that…

an extraordinary God loving, growing, and sending ordinary people